Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Threshing Floor (Fiction: Nigerian Writers Series No. 7)

The Threshing Floor is a collection of a dozen short stories that has just a bit of everything. From religious hypocrisy, marital infidelity and human deception and fraud, to spiritual mysteries, the limits of justice (in our land), the many and uncertain shades of love, and the redemptive (?) value of suicide, Isaac Attah Ogezi skilfully and sensitively explores the human condition in its social, pschological and spiritual dimentsions. The stories are both universal and uniquely individual as everyone can identify with one or another of the characters whose experiences are portrayed in The Threshing Floor. The author's mastery of language and power of narration will surely seduce any reader. In 2014, Ogezi was nominated for both the Soyinka Prize for African LIterature and NLNG Prize for Literature for his Under a Darkling Sky.

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