Monday, April 4, 2011

Announcing my new play: Casket of Her Dreams

Publishers: Hybun Publications International

Author: Isaac Attah Ogezi

Cover Design: Sylvester Ukut

Pay layout: Isu Media Ltd (Diego Okenyedo Odoh)

Number of pages: 95


Withdrawn from school, Zulaira, a girl in her early teens, is forced to marry a
man old enough to be her father in order to save the life of her stepmother.
Unfortunately, her father has reckoned without the tragedy that follows. On the
first night in her new home, she kills her husband when he comes to consummate
the marriage, an act that makes her a fugitive of the law. What happens next
when she is eventually arrested to face the full wrath of the law? Will she
escape the toils of justice? What becomes of her education? These and
several other questions are answered in this thrilling play. Told in simple and
lucid language, Casket of Her Dreams, is a play that will surely appeal to
children as well as adults.


Isaac Attah Ogezi is a legal practitioner, poet, playwright, short story writer
and literary essayist. He is published in several national and international
anthologies, online journals and dailies. His plays, poems and short stories
have won him numerous literary awards including ANA/Esiaba Irobi Prize for Drama
2010, AWF/Zulu Sofola Award for Drama 2009 and CHD/Ford Foundation Award for
Creative Writing 2010, amongst others. A fellow of UNPFA/Nollywood Scripwriting
and British Council Radiophonics programmes, he currently practises law at
Keffi, Nasarawa State. This is his second published play, after Waiting for


1. "Simply marvellous!" - Ogabidu, Benue ANA Chairman.

2. "It came as no surprise that you can share your success through Casket of Her
Dreams. I went through it. The play is manifestly exceptional. Congralutions."
- Dominic Ochenehi, an Abuja-based lawyer.

3. "The production is great. The subject matter is as old as the hills but the
play is definitely engaging. Congratulations and more ink to your pen." -
Patrick Oguijefor, Abuja ANA.


All you need do is to indicate interest and I'll send you a copy. A copy goes
for N500 only excluding postage.

My thanks to my publishers, Hybun Publications International, Tena Green,
Hybun's US-based editor (, Okenyodo Diego Odoh, my beloved
brother for the masterful typesetting, and Sylvester Ukut, for the beautiful
cover design. This is our joint dream that came to fruition without having a
need for a casket! Thanks. Na gode!

Isaac Attah Ogezi